too many social network.. A recent study revealed that social media marketers are still hung up on size; still worried about quantity over quality when it comes to social media marketing measurement.

I’ve come to the realization that I am in a constant state of semi-controlled chaos when it comes to social media. I am a huge user of Twitter, Facebook, Empire Avenue, Google+ (account recently deleted..), and LinkedIn. I also seem to get roped into joining every new social network that is introduced. I have so many accounts I have no hope of knowing what is where, and who I have friended, and things I have shared.

The following pic shows a funny explanation about Social Media :

Another topic about Social Networks is…. how to look for innovation in social networks?

My Solution: ASOCIAL NETWORK. With the “I don’t like it” button..

One of the most interesting mobile apps to come out of the Occupy Wall Street protests wasVibe, created by Hazem Sayed, which allowed users to send anonymous messages in a tightly controlled distance. Betaworks recently bought the company, and today it is releasing version 1.5, with some new features it will be highlighting at SXSW this month.

Betaworks founder and CEO John Borthwick wrote to VentureBeat to explain his interest inVibe, and what he thinks lies ahead. “As political, economic, and social tides continue to shift we hope the use of technology enables any kind of social movement to collaborate without hierarchies.” he told us by e-mail.

The most interesting aspect of the new release is the double hash tag (##) which has the opposite effect from Twitter’s famous trend hashtag. “What is the Double Hashtag? Think group direct messaging. Hashtags allow you to tag your messages to create more visibility. Get the word out to more people. The double hashtag is designed to pull your conversation out of the regular stream, making it invisible to the people who don’t know the double hashtag,” writes Borthwick.

How about you? Are you attached to social media? Are you suffering from Social Media Overload?